OBKA interest in natural beekeeping

I’ve received an email from our local beekeeping association, OBKA, saying: “As many of the newer beekeepers are particularly interested in top bar hives I wondered if either you or Janet would host the May visit… I am particularly keen to show the new beekeepers some top bar hives before they start buying their first nucs in late May or June.”

We’ve agreed on a visit here (Steeple Aston) on the 12th of May to view and, weather permitting, open our two TBH’s. Not sure how many people will show up – rather hoping we won’t be mobbed like John Haverson’s lecture on Warre hives was –  if I am, maybe could do with some help! Anyway, I am struck by OBKA’s growing open-minded interest in alternative ways of beekeeping, responding to wider awareness in new members it seems. And if a bunch of experienced beeks show up, I’m not going to miss the opportunity to quiz them and learn more. It’ll be free training!

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2 Responses to OBKA interest in natural beekeeping

  1. hunneybun says:

    Paul – would you prefer that those of us who visited you last week did not come on 19 May? So as not to overcrowd your garden? (I went to the OBKA apiary spring clean on Saturday and some people seemed very interested in my having a TBH.)
    Helen (Nunn)


  2. Paul says:

    (Minor correction there: it’s 12th May at my place – 19th is Helen’s)

    As OBKA seem to think there are likely to be upwards of 20 visitors here on the 12th, I think it would be more convenient if folk who were here in April did not come then, but I’m not going to turn you away if you want to show up. Gareth has offered to help me demo the TBH’s to the crowd and I gratefully accept his offer – with his decades of experience, I think he will be able to address the concerns of the more sceptical who ask questions beyond me. As there are only two occupied TBH’s that’s probably all the help I need here.

    Great to hear of the interest in your TBH!


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