Meeting 19th May

Just to confirm that the next meeting of ONBG will be at my place in Bampton on 19th May. I will let everyone know details closer to the time. 

I thought one of my hives was about to swarm yesterday as hundreds of bees were sitting on the landing board. Ten minutes later they had all gone inside again ( I know they hadn’t flown because I was watching) . I don’t feel the weather is warm enough for me to open up and check the situation. I did look through a short while ago and they had plenty of space – could something else have been going on?

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3 Responses to Meeting 19th May

  1. Paul says:

    (I have edited this comment after re reading your original post and noting you did not say the bees were flying, just massing at the entrance)

    I see a couple of possibilities in Storch’s book “At the Hive Entrance”. First, unlikely, the bees were agitated because they’ve just lost their queen. In this case they would be dashing about and possibly emitting a “groaning” sound and you might find a dead queen outside the entrance. More likely, they were fanning – if ventilating the hive, they would tend to be arranged in lines radiating away from the entrance; or they may have been fanning to emit nasonov pheromone (“the hive is here”) to help others home in on it; in this case they would tend to have raised rear ends.

    Of course, as always with bees, it could have been something else entirely. Maybe the queen went out for a walk and they were acting as cover. Maybe it was a batch of drones preparing for their first flight and not liking the weather.


  2. itsonlyausername says:

    Hi all,
    Just picked up a message from Paul re the new group. Got it via Biobees website. Had the usual horror of losing the password and having to ask Phil for a copy.
    Anyway I am being a bit dim here. Where is ‘My Place at Bampton’?

    As for TBH’s Ii have started building two 4′ specimens and am looking to get a couple of nucs if I can afford it of British Black Bees. The reason being that until the Biobees message I was unaware of anyone else in the near vincinity who kept bees. So to all intents and purposes they would remain pretty much as pure as is possible to get under the circumstances with no competing honey bees nearby to cross breed with. Any thoughts on this are appreciated but I am keen to try and re-establish the indigenous breed if I can. I will of course bow to superior knowledge and experience on this project and that includes info on beekeepers nearer to me than Steeple Aston who may pose a threat (not malicious of course) of cross breeding with my chosen colony types. Anyway I am intruding on the blog with a totally off topic point so I am away.

    Only to say that it is definitely too cold for swarming in my opinion. Have you ever tried moving home in winter? Its damned perishing. 🙂

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  3. Lindylou says:

    Hallo Mythago22 I just found this text nearly 5 years after it was written/posted and I was wondering how your adventure with the British Black Bees had proceded. I have Dutch Black Bees you see and I share your thoughts.


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