2…4… and counting, swarms in this vicinity this week

Didn’t catch either of them myself. But, the weather forecast is 3 days of sun, and the bees can probably sense that the weather is settled and safe to emerge in. So all those bulging colonies are swarming here in North Oxfordshire.

Also, I went to catch another swarm on Saturday (it had moved on) so that’s 3 swarms in 3 days within about 1 mile, that I know of.

Update, next day: one of our own hives swarmed. I drove back from work immediately I heard, but it had disappeared. I hope they’re happy in their new home; having split that hive into two sub-colonies a few days ago (see post below) we only lost about a third of the whole hive, not one-half. Asking neighbours, there was some confusion because it seems a colony I was not aware of about 100 meters away, which has lived in someone’s roof for 5 years, also swarmed this morning. Meanwhile, another swarm has appeared at the big house I visited on Saturday… the bees have definitely been waiting for this break in the weather. So that’s about 5 swarms within 4 days within a mile of each other, and I’m not even counting the other three village beekeepers who told me they’ve had hives swarm since the weekend.

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One Response to 2…4… and counting, swarms in this vicinity this week

  1. melvin56 says:

    Hello Paul. Thank you for your post. That is encouragement for Harry and I, as we are desperate for our first swam/ colony, we are all prepared and ready to go. Its my Mum’s funeral tomorrow, and so I hope the bees wait for us until later in the week. Best wishes to all. Melvin


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