Bumble bee sting

Yesterday I was asked to look at a bees nest in someone’s compost heap on our allotments. I happily had a look and established that it was a bumblebee nest (smallish, furry with white bottoms). The owner of the heap had probably been poking at them but they didn’t seem too bothered. Then one landed on my lip and stung me! Bother!
Not wanting to make a fuss I just went to my patch and rubbed it with comfrey and looked up the web when I got home (probably Bombus terrestris). It seems bumblebees can sting many times and actively defend their nest – well, so would I! – so I was probably too close anyway.
Thought I’d got over it but woke up this morning looking distinctively clownish! (I won’t add a photo, you’ll be relieved to hear.) Actually, I bear a striking resemblance to the actress Celia Imrie.
Hope that Mohammed (compost owner) can leave them in peace. I certainly will!
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One Response to Bumble bee sting

  1. pollinatorone says:

    I hope that you are OK hunneybun, their stings as I recall (stung when eating a cream bun aged 15yrs) long time ago, can be nasty especially on the soft tissue of the face.
    You were only doing your best.
    Don’t let it put you off, wear protection in future, as we do when visiting a call out, as all Bees are protective, even in a swarm has scouts that want to protect, so safety is the motto.
    Regarding Honey Bees, my Mother in law said that in the old days, Beekeepers would knock on the hive, and say “we are your Master now”, I know that’s not in your case, but an interesting country story, that I do myself, it does not worry me if people think I’m talking to the Bees, there’s no harm in it, since they need to know we care., perhaps I should rename myself as Dr Doolittle?


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