More swarms

Just to update you on the swarm from my Warre hive. They were outside the entrance to the wall cavity they used for 17 years until this winter. So presumably it’s full of food. By the morning most of them had gone in. Now they’ve come out again and are investigating the new Warre hive I put just below this cavity. Earlier today I heard someone in the entrance of this hive humming and nasanov fanning. There have been various conversations around the entrance. So I am hoping that they will think it’s a good idea. Cross fingers! It’s wonderful watching their intelligence at work.

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One Response to More swarms

  1. Lynne says:

    Sounds like they are building up a consensus on liking the Warre and will soon move in. Fingers crossed! Btw, have you read Thomas Seeley’s Honeybee Democracy? If not, I can recommend it – all about how the bees reach their collective decision on where their new home will be.


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