Swarming from split and multiple casts

Yesterday the hive that Paul split – see previous post – swarmed from the ‘original’ colony half. So the split didn’t make them feel any less like swarming- but hey, I’m telling myself it’s just a good strong colony maybe… and opportunity for more bees in the world, so that’s a good thing.

But today, that half of the split-hive threw a second cast, swarming again. So now I’m wondering if it will continue to cast swarms for each new queen that hatches – and there were about 8. In which case, we may lose the entire hive and also these later swarms are going to be really small – though I’m hoping maybe they would have time to build up again to viable numbers for the winter.

But while that’s just one half of one hive,  that’s not to mention all the queen cups/cells built in the other half and the other hive.

So, any thoughts on whether they are likely to continue to throw multiple casts? How to prevent that? How to help them feel less swarmy? Or should I just get my popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show?

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