Lost virginity!

I had a call from Harry five minutes ago. He had taken a friend of his to see the apiary. Harry was seemingly explaining to his friend that he should be calm and not make any jerky movements. One of my girls decided that Harry needed to be taught a lesson and duly stung him on the wrist,so it is Harry that was the first to be stung! My girls know who the real beekeeper is, lol. You will be glad to hear that Harry will live! On a serious note, thank you all for your kind comments and support, it has been a real comfort and inspiration for us, as we set out on our beekeeping journey.


About melvin56

passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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2 Responses to Lost virginity!

  1. Lynne says:

    Ouch! but also congratulations to Harry – every beekeeper gets stung – it’s a rite of passage!


  2. pollinatorone says:

    Hi all you great Natural Bee-keepers, well yes Melvin bubbled me, and has really enjoyed the occasion, but do you know what, it’s great, great to be a part of all of this, great to feel as if you are doing some good.
    Such a nice group of people to “bee around” and we all have a common purpose, in fact just like the bee colony itself, all wanting the same thing!
    Melvin was right, when I gently tipped the bees from the plastic bag into the box, it reminded me of a soggy wet dead hedgehog, and we were both saddened for the Bees plight.
    However the reassuring words from our group help us understand more, and we know we are amongst good people trying to rebalance things out for the Bees.
    So despite one of Melvin’s Girls having a bad hair day with me, I possibly have earned my spurs, and will “bee” more cautious next time, or rather send in Melvin first!

    I have got two colonies locally that I am working on, one in a loft, and one in a chimney, and will keep the group posted as to how I fair, as my mind is very active in thinking out the strategy as no others will touch the job. The chimney job has already a bait box positioned nearby on a flat roof, whilst I have to wait until it gets cooler to get into the loft and locate the colony under the boarding, naturally fully booted and spurred, an armed with my loaded smokerrrrrrr!

    Any tips, ideas, thoughts or advice on what plane ticket to buy, most welcomed, but really it’s exciting overcoming challenges when others stear away!
    Bee safe out there, Harry.


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