Another swarm!

As you know I’d decided to leave the cluster in the wall to sort themselves out and decide what they want to do. I was gardening just now near the main hive and thought the bees were becoming rather loud. And out came another swarm! This time I was able to watch them, it was magical – their dance in the sky and fizzing around the branch they had chosen to land on, not far from the hive. This is completely inaccessible, unless I was a tree surgeon – high up in a silver birch tree. But….maybe they will go into the other Warre hive? I know they were looking at it. I sat by the hive as they came out, a lot of nasanov fanning and drones stumbling about on the ground as if they’d just been thrown out of a bar. I picked up a few and they polished their whiskers, they seemed to be OK going back in when I put them on the landing board. I worried that maybe they were all leaving, but looked inside and there still seem to be plenty in there. I can’t believe that they’ve produced two swarms, and this one is much larger.

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One Response to Another swarm!

  1. Lynne says:

    One of our hives also swarmed again today – I think that’s the third or fourth cast it has made now. Ours was a small swarm, and went to the very top-most part of next-door’s fir trees where we couldn’t retrieve them. We decided not to worry and just wish them well. Like proud parents waving kids off to university. Hope they make it ok.


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