Pollinatorone’s wider concerns

As a member of the human race we store and seek information like the Honey Bee gathering pollen and nectar, so Bee Keeping -relates to Natural Bee Keeping relates to Habitat preservation/forming, relates to all the farming methods and usages of chemicals/phosphates/nitrates and of course the impact of GM foods and it’s close associated Bayer CropScience , who do this for money!
We Google as we are an informed society, and read that over 8,000 scientists from 83 different countries are against GM and all it stands for, we google a 48 page report called “The 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods”, by DR Nathan Batalion, and I read the report, and felt sick!
We Google Pesticides: Germany bands chemicals linked to honeybee devastation, and we Google 250,000 suicides in India attributed to failing GM seeds to meet the subsistence farmers needs, because Monsanto has the domination over seed supply.
Monocultures, their cause and effects on Bees, it’s all out there, and this Government calls for a mood change on GM foods?

I don’t want to come across as an extremist, because I am not, but by golly I care with a passion that demands the debate, this whole Nation should be involved, because it’s not the Politicians, they can loose their jobs at the very next election, it’s the People, all of us who have a care and concern for the newly born, the unborn, the future generations of this planet to whom, we, are but stewards!
So far the stewardship of this planet has much to answer for, from the Rain Forests to the very food we eat, and the wonderful Pollinators who do all the hard work for us. That is why I choose to be a Natural Bee Keeper, like you all I really care about the whole picture, stings as well, they are a part of life, but with modern technology we can keep the Politicians on their toes, and listen to the People before it’s to late. That’s got that off my chest my friends, I will not continue the debate, but by my very lobbying of the PM, and MP George Freeman who supports GM, I have given him my thoughts quite frankly, it’s the People who decide, he and the Government are mere stewards of land,as we all are, and these issues by far outweigh their mandate to Govern, I think.

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