Colony update

I spent an hour or so sat quietly observing the bees this morning. When I first arrived there was very little activity, but as the sun came out, so did the bees. They are very noisy and still posturing withe their thorax’s and fanning. They continue to be pulling the dead bodies out and I think I have witnessed a couple of fights to the death! Evicting robber bees? They seem a bit more defensive, though, as yet, they are not taking exception to me sitting there watching. The cardboard box that we used to catch the stragglers from the previous site of the hive is still occupied, but I don’t know how many bees are in here. I didn’t witness any movement going on between cardboard box and hive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Rain is forcast for wednesday, and so we are contemplating, tomorrow evening, emptying the contents of the cardboard box into a spare warre, or opening up the existing hive, clearing out the dead bodies and putting the bees from the cardboard box in the hive. The third option, as suggested by some, is to let the cardboard box bees work it out for themselves when their box gets soggy in the rain. Again, comments and advice much appreciated. We had a call about a swarm in bicester yesterday, but just as we were going to leave… got it, the bees legged it, I think Paul let the bees know that it was Harry and me that were NB Harry has just filled me in about the comings and goings of Paul’s bees! This really is a busy time, still, rain is coming on wednesday and cooler conditions for us all to take stock!


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passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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One Response to Colony update

  1. Paul says:

    I reckon the bees left in the cardboard box are low on energy, or more timid than the others, and will not move until they starve to death. Unless you pour them in the Warre where their queen is.
    If you put them in another Warre they will die out because they have no queen.

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