Feeding bees

Harry and I just wanted to update everyone to let you know that we fed our bees this morning.  We were lucky enough to receive some much appreciated advice and knowledge from Gareth, which helped us come to our decision.  We know that there are many feeders available, but we decided to go for simplicity.  We prepared a solution of sugar and water and part filled two plastic containers.  We then added straw to soak up some of the solution and to make the area safe for the bees to feed.  We then added a box to our warres and, at the same time, inserted our food.  After a while, we viewed the bees through the observation windows and they were happily enjoying their food gift.  We are obviously aware of the possible problems with robber bees, wasps, ants etc., but we feel that we have to do all that we can to assist the bees during this atrocious weather.  As you know, we only plan to harvest a very small amount of honey, and so we hope that, in general,when  our bees are more established, they will have enough of their own stocks to survive most eventualities.  Best wishes to all. Melvin and Harry


About melvin56

passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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