kingham split

Harry and I were alerted to what was more than likely a split that had occurred in Kingham.  When we arrived, the bees were in a reasonably good position in a bush, although we needed to do plenty of careful pruning before commencing to snip the main branch, on which the bees had congregated.  As the numbers in the split appeared relatively small, we allowed as many straggler bees as possible to settle on another branch, before collecting these in another box.  We travelled back to The apiary and encouraged the bees into their new home.  Trying to use our previous experiences, and mindful of a poor weather forecast, we fed the bees at the same time as relocating them.  For the same reason, we fed our other bees again today, and they have been eating what we have been giving them to eat. The photo shows the last few bees queuing up to enter the warre hive.  Some of the bees had congregated on the side of the hive, but, they too moved into the hive very soon after this photo was taken.


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passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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