Honey yields

A couple of weeks ago I tried to take some honey from our TBH’s. I was disappointed to find that although there was reasonable stores of capped honey, there were no complete combs of capped honey to steal.

I was slightly jealous when a neighbour told me she’d just taken loads of honey from her (conventional) hive’s supers!

Seems to me that our TBH combs are huge, the bees have often started a new comb before filling the last. I try not to give them too much space for new comb – but they need a little or they feel crowded – and I realise it’s been bad weather for honey production. Still, it’s a shame to get no honey. Perhaps I should put a false bottom in the honey storage area of the hive to force them to make smaller, easier-to-fill combs!

I was wondering if our Warre users are managing to get a honey crop this year? Obviously not from recently caught swarms, but from established colonies?

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3 Responses to Honey yields

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    Hi Paul,
    The word out on the beekeeping front is that due to the awful weather the honey volume is down all across the country according to the report on Radio 4 Farmers program at 0545am. Heard it the other day on the way to work.

    PS My Black Bees will be ready to collect first week in July and apparently are doing very well.


  2. susiehelm says:

    I don’t anticipate harvesting any honey at all this year! Of the three national hives in my garden only two have supers and those are filling very slowly. The other is the colony that had dysentery and they haven’t even filled combs in the brood box yet, infact I am still feeding them. The top-bar is slow too although they seem strong enough and don’t take feed when offered.

    On a more optimistic note; I was doing some plant recording yesterday in a wonderful hay-meadow and sitting amongst the wildflowers and grasses the humming was incredible.Quite a few honey bees seemed to be around, mostly enjoying the Birdsfoot trefoil.


  3. Paul says:

    Your comments are reassuring in a way – schadenfreude!


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