Learning curve

Harry and Myself cannot thank Gareth enough for coming over to our newbee Apiary today.   We have been trying our best to follow his teachings and learning as we go, but we both feel so much better now that we have been caringly coaxed and coached in the right direction.   We established that one of our hives no longer had a Queen and so we encouraged them into a hive that has a Queen, but is small in number.  We then checked another hive, a colony that had been created from a swarm in Ducklington.  This colony was doing really well and with a bit of routine maintenance, there was nothing much else needed here.  Except…… Because one of our hives is quite big in number, but,  we think, may be Queenless, Gareth suggested that we took some eggs from the thriving colony and put them in there.  This is what we did and so now we wait to see if the nurse bees, and others,  can do their bit with the eggs and save the colony.   This does not begin to explain the educational  and inspiring afternoon that occurred today.  Once again, Harry and I would like to thank Gareth so much for his time, ‘bee wisdom’ , expertise, and patience.  Learning by mistakes is normal, but I am mindful that we are dealing with God’s most wonderful of creatures here and its a massive comfort to have experienced support close at hand as Harry and I commence our beekeeping journey.


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passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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One Response to Learning curve

  1. Paul says:

    That’s what Gareth’s like. Consistently.


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