Skep stuff

Straw skep with elasticated bottom added

Straw skep with elasticated bottom added

Gareth had suggested we put our nucleus / bait hive up some tall trees where we’ve seen a swarm before. That wooden hive is quite heavy though, so a few weeks ago Lynne got a skep and put a removable base on it – By now we’d seen three swarms settle temporarily in these trees in a month.

We now realise the trees are very attractive because they are south facing (warm), tall (safe from preators and a good view to scout from and easy for scouts to navigate back to), and they are Leylandii – a resinous pine tree – so they smell of propolis. So no wonder they attract swarms.

Skep in a tree

Skep in a tree

The secind photo shows the skep hanging in a tree. Swarms tend to settle considerably higher than this but it’s as high as seemed safe up a ladder against the tree. So we’ll wait and see if a swarm finds this nice south facing “tree hollow”.

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2 Responses to Skep stuff

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    Hi Paul,
    Where did you get the skep from and are they robustly woven?
    It may be a useful addition, if all agree, to have a list of useful and reliable places to purchase bee friendly supplies from based on personal; experience. I will leave it with you.
    Kev C


  2. Paul says:

    We got the skep from, they’re on the Links page.

    It’s robust. It fell out of the tree yesterday, about 15 feet, no damage! The strap we’d added to hold it up was what gave out.


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