Pollen query

Having collected my swarm in late May, I have not yet fully inspected them, wanting to leave them to get on with creating a good cluster. I have been feeding them with syrup, which they are taking, and they have built on five top bars, although the three widest combs haven’t yet reached much more than halfway across the hive. This is visible through the window.
Watching at the entrance I am puzzled by the absence of any pollen being carried into the hive. I have simply not seen any home-bound bees with anything that looks like pollen. Is this because of the weather or is there another possible reason?
I plan to open up sometime next week, if we are lucky enough to have a sunny day.

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One Response to Pollen query

  1. Paul says:

    Do you have a mesh floor and a removable basebaord? If so you could look at the debris on the baseboard and see what they’re dropping.

    I just did a varroa count this way. There was much less pollen on the baseboard than usual, but there was some.


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