ONBA meeting

Dear All,

Harry and I have only received only 2 positive replies to the proposed meeting on 1/9/12.  Because of this we are now proposing to hold the meeting on saturday, 8th September, at the same time and venue.  Could members let us know asap as to whether this time and date are convenient.

Best regards,

Harry and Melvin



About melvin56

passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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4 Responses to ONBA meeting

  1. susiehelm says:

    Sorry Melvin I will be at a wedding on the 8th.


  2. hunneybun says:

    Thanks Harry – I could manage 8th if others can too. Helen in Oxford (anyone like to share transport?)



  3. itsonlyausername says:

    Typical! Just when I was able to (finally) confirm my attendance on the 1st you change the date. 😦 I will have to wait until next weekend to confirm 8th September. Unfortunately unlike normal people I only get one weekend off every 4 weeks.


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