Meeting at Harry’s

Hello all,

Harry and I have had a chat today and have decided that we will look for an alternative date to hold our get together at our apiary.  There are two main reasons. 1) Very few members are able to meet either the 1st or 8th September. 2) We need Gareth to be able to attend our  and assist us with our inspection.  We have 2 colonies appearing to be doing well and one ‘getting by’.  We also feel it will be more beneficial for members to watch while Harry and I inspect the hives under Gareth’s supervision.  We have asked Gareth what dates he is available and we will get back to the group as soon as he responds.

Very best wishes,

Harry and Melvin


About melvin56

passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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One Response to Meeting at Harry’s

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    Hi Harry and Melvin,
    You can ignore my earlier email as I sent it before looking on here. Looking frward o the meeting whenever it is finally decided to take place.
    Kev C


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