Drones out! and No more syrup!

I have been obediently following advice and feeding my bees as they really needed a lot of stores – everything was very lightweight in August when I last checked them. Every day a 750ml jar of thick syrup was emptied and the hive got heavier and heavier. Had they read the right books? Would they ever stop lapping?
Well, today the jar is still 3/4 full, so I guess they are at last nearing saturation point. And the other thing: yesterday there was a great deal of activity around the entrance and lots of drones amongst the bees flying about, so I suppose they are being evicted. Couldn’t see any dead ones though – but there are wasps busily chomping on bee parts on the ground around the hive. Is this common? They are certainly clearing up very efficiently. Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?

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One Response to Drones out! and No more syrup!

  1. robstroud says:

    Those wasps are quite close to being cannibals! In fact, they probably do eat their own. Poor, precious bees . . .


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