meeting ONBA 15th September, 2012

Harry and Melvin would like to thank those that gave up their time to come to our apiary recently.  We really enjoyed their company, companionship and advice.  Gareth supervised as we hefted our 3 warre hives and they discussed various feeding methods to try to assist our bees in building up their stores ahead of their first winter with us.  We are pleased to report that since the meeting and using some top feed methods and a different sort of syrup, the hives have become much heavier.  We can also now see much more new comb that has been built very recently.  we are pleased to say. that when weather has permitted, our bees have been prolific in their pollen collection and we are very hopeful that, with a little support, we will see them make it through winter.   Harry’s home-made cakes went down particularly well, and we are pleased to report that, remarkably, Harry graciously shared his cakes with others,( something which doesn’t normally occur).  Harry and Melvin would like to wish all our fellow Oxnat group members and their bees all the best in these weeks leading up to the winter recess.  Harry and Melvin


About melvin56

passionate about bees, permaculture and biodiversity.....and plymouth Argyle F.C.
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