Natural Beekeeping Courses & Winter Stores

As in previous years, I am running some natural beekeeping courses in 2013.  Details are on my blog, here.

As a separate note, keep an eye on the weight of your hives.  The warm weather we have been having has resulted in the bees using more stores than would normally be the case and there are reports aplenty on the internet of beekeepers finding their hives  short of food.  I have even put some fondant on my own hives, as their weight was well down on when I put them to bed in the autumn.  More on my blog, here.

Gareth, Cotswolds

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One Response to Natural Beekeeping Courses & Winter Stores

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    Where can we get fondant from that will be suitable for top bars? How will we get it into the right place for the bees to use if the weather continues to be cold and wet without running the risk of chilling an already cool hive by opening it? Having said all that my bees have been foraging already on 22nd December. More activity than I had seen during September which is odd considering the lower temperatures.
    Any advice would be appreciated.


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