Thiram seed coating

I am just compiling my order for seeds for my allotment and came across the seed treatment Thiram, when looking at yellow courgette seed. From the internet it seems this has been around for a while, and organic people probably wouldn’t choose it. It protects seeds from rotting off before germination and bulbs from being eaten by rodents as it tastes bitter. As a beekeeper I will not choose it either, but does anyone have any further info on the possible effects on bees?

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  1. itsonlyausername says:

    I have just located this piece of information from PANNA (Pesticide Action Network North America).
    It clearly states that Thiram is neurotoxic so I would immediately treat it as harmful in light of the known harm that other neurotoxins do to bees.
    For a full breakdown of the best availae information the link to PANNA is here:

    Hope this helps.
    As an additional point Seedy Sunday (The Seed Swap in Brighton) takes place on Sunday 3rd February at the Corn Exchange. I will be going as usual so anyone else who is interested in getting some heirloom seeds can either make a day of it and go yourselves or if you can’t make it and have any special requests for any particular seeds email me with your modest requests. I am travelling by train so i will have limited carrying capacity.
    As an added bonus James Wong, author of Grow Your Own Drugs (also made into a tv series) and Homegrown Revolution, (his latest book which is very good for alternative high value crops on small plots of garden and even in window boxes and tubs) will also be there giving a talk. He is an ethnobotanist who regularly appears on Country file. There are usually some beekeeping talks and groups present so may be worth a visit if for no other reason than to do some educating. 🙂
    More information here:


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