A thought on Neonicotinoids & other pesticides

I’ve been wondering if pollinators will evolve to avoid food crops, thus rather negating the benefits espoused by manufacturers of pesticides.

Consider: they are becoming increasingly unhealthy to use as pollinator food sources. Toxins built into them get concentrated by collecting pollen; oilseed rape gives poor quality honey often leading to nosema; and, bees can recognise different species of flower – they have flower constancy. So, they have the capacity to adapt their behaviour for this.

Stacked against this is the paucity of non-agricultural blossom in the British countryside.

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2 Responses to A thought on Neonicotinoids & other pesticides

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    We have evidence of a lack of wild sources of pollen and nectar for the bees here in Oxfordshire. As we have said in private conversations the West of Oxfordshire is very barren when it comes to forage for the bees. The main source is agricultural crops such as oil seed rape and in the absence of any other source the bees tend to be more vulnerable to starvation in the winter as well as susceptible to the ‘toxic consequences’ from agriculture.
    I have also noticed how on many occasions farmers are beholden to the promise of profits and good harvests by an increasingly bloated agrochemical industry. They have more than their safe or fair share of influence with government bodies such as DEFRA and in the EU the EFSA. Despite the protests of the masses these corporations still hold sway over the governments. Time and again the decision beggars scientific sensibilities and the monster keeps coming. I posted a link to the latest Neonicotinoid research which shows even more risks to the natural world. Bumblebees may be wild but they are essential to the pollination of tomatoes and potatoes believe it or not. They have the sheer strength and weight to barge their way into the flower head to collect the nectar and in the process pollinate the flower. Without them we would be short of a lot more than just tomatoes and potatoes too.

    Which in light of the corporations influence on government leads me to ask what exactly is democracy? Are we not the people who make the choices in society? Are we not the people who select the candidates for the job and pay the wages of these politicians? Are they not duty bound under the rules of the parliamentary constitution to uphold our wishes and pursue these wishes as their political agenda?
    Oh! Sorry. For a minute I thought I was living in a democracy there. I should have guessed it was anything but. Instead we have an impending disaster ahead and the people we think we should be trusting to do the right things are clearly not the same people we elected. Time for a change at the top methinks.


  2. itsonlyausername says:

    PS My friend in Canada said she thought your comment was very valid and a possible outcome of evolutionary adaptation.


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