MP’s Support Neonic Moratorium

I have spent some time today reading the House of Common’s report on Pollinators and Pesticides.  The conclusion is a very clear endorsement of an EU wide moratorium on the 3 most toxic neonics.  I have written a piece on my own blog about this and the, to my mind indefensible, response of the BBKA.  See:


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2 Responses to MP’s Support Neonic Moratorium

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    For all readers please also read my comment to Gareths very thorough piece. No I’m not vain or seeking praise. I just want as many people as possible to get to know the undisclosed effects neiponicotinoids could have on the evidence generated from an EU wide suspension (not a ban as the press and media keep saying) of the three most popular neonicotinoids. The evidence stands to become deeply flawed as a result of residual neonicotinoids in the soil which have been clearly shown to accumulate. What I want some scientific organisation to do is to measure the concentrations left in the soil and to calculate how long it will take for these chemicals to fall to a sub lethal threshold so that then and only then monitoring of pollinator decline can commence. After all as the article Gareth posted stated FERA could not conduct any meaningful research because they could not find a completely toxin free site anywhere in the UK for the control group. This is the problem that has effectively given our stupid minister the idea that its okay to continue to pollute the countryside. No evidence regardless as to how it comes about seems to indicate a green light to him.
    And as for the BBKA? What kind of responsible organisation would state that there is no evidence when there clearly could not be any meaningful research conducted in the first place? They simply don’t understand the precautionary principle says Gareth. I would say that they clearly are not prepared to admit they were wrong as well. Talk about lacking common sense. Its true that its not as common as we would care to think.


  2. itsonlyausername says:

    Oh and please excuse the typo. Predictive text isn’t limited to smart phones. Tablets do it too. Only randomly. 🙂


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