First swarm of the season!

I am very happy – my bees were busy this afternoon when I got back from work, investigating the bait hives. I thought they might swarm tomorrow – but they started at about 4.30. I just sat and watched them above me, and could see them settle in a tree quite high up. If I had not been there I would not have known they had swarmed, and I really did want to be there – they were brilliant in waiting for me to be at home. But it was a tricky position, and the only way to get them was Gareth’s amazing bottle contraption. With great luck he was in and zoomed over, We spent quite a while with him clambering about in the tree, but the bottle worked and he popped them into a skep. Then he was able to cut the branch and get the remaining bees. He ran them into the hive and waited a while to see if they would go in – eventually shook them in. And now this evening they seem to be busy orientating themselves to the hive and fanning at the entrance. A magical evening, and of course I am so grateful to have been able to hive this swarm. Here we go everyone – swarm season!

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2 Responses to First swarm of the season!

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  2. Paul says:

    And the girls will be even more excited than you. All that redecorating to do in their new home.


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