We are what we eat and that applies to Bees too.

As our Harry has said on numerous occasions ‘We are what we eat.’ It applies across the board with all lifeforms.

In the US Honeybees have been suffering horribly from CCD and a load of other conditions, not least stress induced conditions from transportation across hundreds of miles of the US, climatic changes, differing landscape types, monoculture pollen and nectar sources and of course the increased use of pesticides and herbicides. This has been pretty much replicated within Europe and the UK. Add to this the increases in diseases among the bee populations from invasive sources and its easy to see why bees are in decline.

Now the nutritional limitations of winter feed have come under scrutiny as a possible major suspect in CCD joining the many other suspects. In the US High Fructose Corn Syrup aka HFCS, have been widely used as winter feed.  HFCS has also been suspected of harming bees due to the very nature of this product, derived as it is from GM corn.

Ordinary sugar solution has been shown to be not much better in terms of nutrient substitutes. This is due to the lack of micronutrients which are normally contained within the honey supplies that bees collect during the summer for use in the winter.

As a natural beekeeper I personally believe all beekeepers need to change their habits from taking the honey towards the end of the summer and instead leave it for the bees. Then during the early spring, after the bees have started foraging again, only then should we take any honey. This will fly in the face of those few profit driven, selfish beekeepers who see bees as their personal slaves and their honey as these beekeepers personal property. This profit driven behaviour is slowly killing the very source of their income.

If we are to reverse the trend of decline in bee populations there is far more to do than simply fighting governments over the misuse and abuse of chemicals on the land for the sole profit of the agrichemical corporations that also includes the use of neonicotinoids. There is also the basic care of the bees themselves to consider. Especially with regards to what we feed them.

Man cannot live by bread alone. It tastes better with honey. Just consider the bees first before robbing them.

As Harry has said ‘We are what we eat’. So the bees are defined by what they eat.


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