Glyphosate resistant bees and the Invasion of Russian bees.

Its all happening over the pond right now. Seems that some beekeeper who had been experimenting with glyphosate resistance in bees had his colonies seized by the state of Illinois agriculture department under (allegedly) instruction from Monsanto. Watch the video and please check out the link at the end for further information. Also note I said ‘allegedly’ with reference to Monsanto. 🙂

Then in another news bite Russian bees are being sought after by the US beekeepers because they are resistant to the Varroa mite. This mite is now officially the single greatest cause of bee decline in the US. Which is another way of blaming somwthing else. Now you know why they didn’t ban neonicotinoids. More profitable to blame something they don’t make any money out of…..unless your into importing Russian bees. 🙂

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2 Responses to Glyphosate resistant bees and the Invasion of Russian bees.

  1. Paul says:

    The reason Russian bees are varroa-tolerant seems to be: they are normal European Honey Bees (EHB), the same apis mellifera mellifera we have. But once imported to the far East of Russia about a century ago they came into contact with apis cerana, the Asian honeybee, the one which originally carried varroa. Apis cerana came into balance with varroa long ago, through increased grooming, less tolerance of feeble brood etc (‘this one’s probably infected – hoy it out the door’). The apis mellifera mellifera had to learn the same behaviour or go under. In other words, they were treated in the same way we are training our bees to be varroa-tolerant, because 100 years ago there were no miticides. More proof that these miticides are counterproductive in the long run.


  2. itsonlyausername says:

    That would be a possibility. After all there is no reason for them not to have cross bred with a foreign species. Especially one with a natural resistance to Varroa. However what is to say they didn’t acquire the resistant trait through the same process that insects have done with say Glyphosate? Simply becoming more resistant as a result of an acquired trait. The only ones which could pass that trait on are the Drones or the Queens.
    Resistance to chemicals isn’t restricted to insects either.Plants have acquired resistance to Glyphosate. Which is more than my tablet has been doing lately. The title should read ‘Glyphosate’ not Glphosate.
    There is a bug in the tablets software. Prevents it from spelling correctly missing out certain letters.


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