Bee Sperm Bank….What will they think of next?

It appears that because of the decline on bee populations in the US the Washington State University is planning to build a Bee Sperm Bank in an effort to circumvent Colony Collapse Disorder.

One big problem has been admitted lack of food variety because of mono-culture agriculture. Well that is actually something we have know about for quite some time. The other thing is lack of bee genetic diversity which because of import restrictions placed on bees in 1922 to prevent the tracheal mite from coming into the US they have now reduced their colonies genetic diversity. Apparently the import restrictions worked because the tracheal mite didn’t get to the US……until 1984. A success? They still got it. I’d hate to know what a failure would have been like.

Anyway the idea is being prepared and maybe this is where the Russian bees come into the equation.

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