Queen cell wanted

Could anyone let me have a queen cell? My bees are queenless (discovered this afternoon) and if I could introduce a queen cell fairly quickly it might save the situation. I can come and get it!

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3 Responses to Queen cell wanted

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    I don’t have a Queen cell but on Sunday I collect my new colonies of bees and if it would suit I could try and obtain a Queen or a Queen cell for you. It will all depend if anyone else can come up with the goods pretty sharpish but at least there is a possible alternative available should you choose it. If you let me know by Friday afternoon at the latest then I can contact the supplier who will fetch one down with him.


    • hunneybun says:

      Thanks Kevin. Any idea of the cost? Helen



      • itsonlyausername says:

        Sorry for the delay. I forgot to tick the follow-up comments box.
        The link below is to ‘The Beeman’ who I am collecting my bees from. Specifically his Queen bee site.
        As you can see the price varies from £35 to £40 depending on which particular breed of Queen you require.
        If you let me know what you wish to do and we can go from there. I am collecting my bees this Sunday but I think Mike will need to be advised no later than today re the Queen bee.


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