The NFU response to the Bee Summit

I have just received the latest news bulletin from Farming UK and this item caught my eye, as it would.

It is the current view of the NFU regarding pollinator declines and what the farming community is already doing about it. It also ominously suggests that all action should be based on the latest evidence. Hmm? Does that mean the DEFRA latest evidence or the real evidence. However did you know that bee numbers have been stable since around 1990. No, nor did I. First thought I had was ‘stable means they are not falling anymore. Then I got a second thought. How far had they fallen by the 1990 date if this new research is accurate?

But that is what the new research says. Allegedly.

Now as far as I can see from the report the farming community has planted all these set asside headlands for pollinators and made such a vast contribution to bee and pollinator health that they were already doing wonders for bees and other pollinators. Yet no one has seemingly told them about the residues in the soil of all these neonicotinoids and other toxic chemicals which all these wonderful flowering headlands will simply take up from the same soil that the previous year was rife with oilseed rape…..nice little earner you know.  Or have I missed something?

You can call me cynical. Now here is a ‘Did you know’ brain teaser.

If all the oilseed rape that is produced in the UK was used as a biofuel to generate electricity how long do you think it would last for? You’ll never guess. 🙂

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2 Responses to The NFU response to the Bee Summit

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    To give you some idea as to the efficiency of biofuels here is an interesting link.


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