Natural beekeeping course, 29th-30th March

Gareth is holding another course for beginners – see here for details and contact info.

Having been on his courses, I can heartily recommend them. They cover everything to do with basic bee husbandry except honey processing – he doesn’t take honey from his hives. There are opportunities to examine Top Bar and Warre hives. Class sizes are small and individuals’ questions are answered in detail.

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One Response to Natural beekeeping course, 29th-30th March

  1. solarbeez says:

    “He doesn’t take honey from his hives”. I love it. Whenever I tell someone I’m a beekeeper, the next question is ALWAYS, can I buy honey from you? Honey always seems to be the main focus, almost as if something is weird with you if you don’t harvest it.
    I wonder if Gareth is going to talk about ‘brood breaks.’ I mentioned that to someone in my bee club. “The queen sometimes takes a break from laying brood in the summer. You don’t have to replace her, just wait awhile.” The bee classes that I have attended always say to replace the queen when she stops laying. I say, give her a break! (and it might break up the mite cycle too)


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