Trendy to be bee friendly

It’s interesting to see how companies now consider it necessary to make a point about their projects’ green credentials, and pollinators are often mentioned. For example, a Botley development includes this description of a 2,000 sq m roof garden of sedum, for pollinators (hurrah!). Along with changes in public parks etc, it demonstrates how much public interest there is in wildlife conservation now.

A more traditional form of cooperation between businesses and beekeepers is highlighted by this recent post in the OBKA newsletter –

“I work for FWAG SW which is a farming advisory group and I got contacted by the farmer asking for some assistance in finding a bee keeper.
“The farm is 550ha located just south of Burford, the farm has had bees on the farm for many years but the beekeeper has recently retired so he is keen to find someone else. The farm is a LEAF demo farm and in the Higher Level Stewardship scheme.”

LEAF is what I’d call a professional body – auditing farms to ensure they meet minimum standards of stewardship whilst encouraging them to do as much as possible about soil quality, pest resistance to chemicals and supporting wildlife.

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One Response to Trendy to be bee friendly

  1. solarbeez says:

    Whenever I can, I talk to people about bees, that is on a one to one basis. I pull out pictures of my one-of-a-kind bee hives (carved log hives) and when they ask how I get the honey out, I tell them…”I don’t. The bees are in a lot of trouble and I want only to provide shelter for them and habitat. I’m not interested in robbing the honey they worked so hard to get, nor am I interested in spraying antibiotics in their hives.” btw…is Fumigillin illegal to use in the UK? Many of my fellow beekeepers use it here in the states for nosema. I just read something Michael Bush said that it can cause birth defects.


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