Over the last week, Sarah has given away three swarms and helped a new beek living near her house a package of bees following their initial problems; there has been intensive correspondence by several members to help starters with basic advice; Janet has taught me some stuff for a beekeeping exam and donated some bees to repopulate an empty hive; there’s been lots of tips passed back and forth about swarms; I’ve had to ask Gareth for advice myself. A Warré hive has been sold by one person to another and a TBH is about to come up for sale.

This is exactly why we started this group. When we need help fast, members can ask round for help from nearby mentors and fellow enthusiasts. Nice work everyone!

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2 Responses to Networking

  1. hunneybun says:

    Hi Paul Is there another Helen? You mention her in your post – I don’t think it’s me. Helen!



  2. Paul says:

    You’re right, I was referring to a different Helen who is actually from OBKA (so credit due to her & her organisation). My apologies for the misleading error.


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