Interesting items

There are various bits and bobs and interesting links I’ve come across that weren’t worth a full post in themselves, so I’ve gathered them together here:

Gareth has posted on his Simplebees site a link to a succinct 5 minute video explaining the downsides of treating hives with chemicals and how to encourage varroa resistance in your bees.

ONBG member Jayson was interviewed about his Architecture dissertation where he  compares hives to cities.

An interesting observation I heard from a conventional beek: forage in the countryside varies from year to year partly because Oxfordshire farmers rotate their crops thus: beans – rape – wheat. Beans are good for bee forage, and bees particularly love rape as its sugar content is twice that of most flowers’ so they will fly twice as far for it. So a poor year this year is no indicator of a bad location. Your hives could thrive next year purely because of how the local farmers plant their fields.

When I finally got round to registering with Beebase, it told me there are 103 apiaries within 10km of me. Some, of course, will have multiple hives; and there will be unregistered ones; and feral colonies. This rather puts into perspective the difficulties facing people trying to keep their strains pure, and how many opportunities there are for robbing and disease spreading.

Here is an article about which parts of the body are the most painful to get stung in.

If you have an interest in bees and computers, this is actually quite a good cartoon joke –

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