Warré Box 3

Well – it’s certainly an active colony

I had 2 boxes on my Warre hive.  The bees seemed happy enough in the top box – until last weekend.  Now an explosion of bees and the bottom box is full !  I’m going to add another box underneath on Saturday – is there a gentle way to do this ?

also – I haven’t put a mouse guard over the entrance – should I do this now – is it really required ?

cheers.  Jonny

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3 Responses to Warré Box 3

  1. Paul says:

    Mouse guard not needed while bees are active, they will keep mice out. But pretty essential at the end of Autumn when the bees cluster for warmth. I bought a conventional metal mouse guard and hacksawed it down to fit a Warre, and secured it with 2 screws – if it’s not really secure it can be pushed aside.

    The only tips about adding a box I can think of are… much easier with a 2nd person (to slide the new box into place while you lift); a box full of honey is really heavy, don’t try to lift 2 at once unless they are part empty, otherwise you could drop them. And have something to place the boxes on temporarily – a surface near the hive – so you don’t lose the queen in the grass if she falls out.


  2. jonnywoods says:

    Well – in truth that was much easier than I had expected. The bees seemed happy enough to have another box added. I now need to get a mouse guard – I just object to buying one from Thorne where the postage is more than the item !
    There seem to be more bees than ever – and they are super active.
    When should I expect to see the numbers decline & is there anything other than the mouse guard I need to do heading into autumn ?
    I know I ask lots of dumb questions – but I want to get it right & you folks seem to have lots of answers !


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