Beginners start here

The first OxNatBees meeting of 2017 will be at the Marsh Harrier Pub in Oxford at 2pm on Sunday 12th of March.

The main focus will be on discussing plans for the coming year. There will also be some ‘pre-beginners’ who are considering getting bees – we hope that the experience and expertise of the group will help answer their questions. If you are reading this and considering keeping bees, feel free to drop by and ask questions.

Location: The Marsh Harrier pub on Marsh Road (OX4 2HH). For public-transport travellers, buses numbered 1 and 5 run from Oxford City Centre to Marsh Road every 15 minutes.

It’s five-minutes’ walk from Jack’s house, so there’s potentially an opportunity to come and look at his top-bar hive if the weather’s fine.

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One Response to Beginners start here

  1. tyrobeek says:

    Apologies, I have visitors that weekend, probably will still be with us then. Hope all goes well.

    Regards, Alison


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