More bad news for insects

New German research has found that insect numbers have plunged by 75% over 25 years, in nature reserves. It’s assumed the decline outside the reserves is greater. The Guardian reports on the issue here.

Germany is generally considered significantly better at conservation and environmental protection than Britain.

The cause isn’t determined but the chief suspects are the overuse of pesticides (specifically neonicotinoids) and lack of forage in surrounding farmland.

Watch for the usual pattern of denial, obfuscation and denigrating the research from the usual suspects.


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6 Responses to More bad news for insects

  1. Emily Scott says:

    The Guardian link isn’t working at the moment. Sounds like sad news indeed.

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  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Emily, have fixed the link.

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  3. hunneybun says:

    I wonder when any of you last saw a grasshopper? When I was little the grass was teeming with them and now I can’t remember when I last saw one.

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    • Paul says:

      I see about 3 grasshoppers a year in our wildflower bed (which is uncut most of the year and has some grass in it). I think the key for them is they need LONG grass and everyone cuts theirs short. Farmers now tend to cut their meadows 3x a year for silage, instead of letting it grow to make hay, which doesn’t just affect grasshoppers but also means wildflowers don’t get to flower. I’ve been thinking about writing an article about these and related issues…

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  4. Lindylou says:

    Hallo Paul, similar report is also in one of our newspapers. My son sent me that link and I have re-sent both to my entomological bee hobbyist mates at De Duurzame

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  5. When I was a youngster I remember going on long drives on vacation. Periodically we would stop and have to wash the bugs off the windshield. Don’t see that happen much anymore.

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