A visit from …

‘Twas a night in December
And all through the hive
A soft humming question,
When will Spring arrive?

The bees had been clustered
All snuggled up tight
Dreaming of Springtime,
Warmth, nectar and light

When something came drumming
And thrumming their nest.
Were those hoof beats a-coming
Disturbing their rest?

Was Saint Nick alighting
And bringing them treats?
Like pollen and honey,
All good things to eat

Were those Reindeer a-romping
And dancing around,
Joyfully jingling
And making that sound?

Now Larva, now Nurse Bee,
Young Flier and Guard,
On Scout Bee, on Forager,
All in the Bee Yard

Then the Queen was awake and shifting her stance,
She took it all in, in one long knowing glance,
She gathered herself, her fat fertile belly
And royal antennae trembling like jelly

“Calm yourselves down! It’s just the Beekeeper
Knocking the hive like the Grim Reaper!
Spring will be here and all in good time,
Until then be quiet, it’s winter bedtime”

Grumbling and mumbling the bees settled back,
Wishing for Santa and full pollen sacks.
Resuming their cluster, again huddled tight,
Whispered “Happy Xmas to all and to all a good night”

[By Lynne Honigmann after the poem A visit from Saint Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore]

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1 Response to A visit from …

  1. tyrobeek says:

    Fantastic, thanks! And a Merry Christmas to you too. Regards, Alison


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