About ONBG


This group is intended as an information exchange and mentoring advice network for local (Oxfordshire, UK) beekeepers using ‘Natural Beekeeping’ low-intervention principles, generally using Top Bar and Warré hives, without pre-formed foundation/frames.

We are primarily focused on helping each other establish and maintain healthy colonies of bees, using minimal chemicals, and with hive types optimised for the bees’ health and natural behaviour. We include novices to beekeeping as well as traditional beeks with many years of experience who are experimenting with Natural Beekeeping. By making this an Oxfordshire-only group, we can visit and mentor each other, and work generally within the same climate and conditions.

Members participate in informal mentoring and support, utilise the discussion Forum and membership email list for coordination and sharing of information, and the group holds occasional Meetings at members’ apiaries.


This group started in April 2012 and as of 2020 there are ~80 members in our network around Oxfordshire.

Some of us are total newbees, some have a few years experience, some many. A variety of hive types are used – some with normal (National / WBC) hives are just starting to use TBH’s or Warré’s, or to experiment with low-intervention techniques .


If you live in Oxfordshire and are interested in low-intervention beekeeping, either as a total newbee or with previous experience, please use the Contact Us form.

If you are just at the stage of thinking about keeping bees, why not come along to a meeting to get a taste of what it’s all about?

There are no fees or subs – this is a mutual support network – any event that does incur costs will be held on a self-funding basis.