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Catching a swarm

morning – I have aswarm in my garden & am trying to catch it – but need some advice…. – they have gathered at chest height in a bush.  Ive put an upside down bucket over the top of the … Continue reading

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Spring clean

I had a detailed peak into the hive this morning. 2 things of note  It was really really light to lift there was a layer of “sludge” on the floor of the hive – which I cleared there were lots … Continue reading

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Springtime inspection – a few questions

Well – at last my bees seem busy and active having survived the miserable wet winter. I have a couple of beginners questions  Should I remove the mouse guard now – will it inhibit swarming for example ? the bees … Continue reading

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winter prep

I know that to experienced bee keepers the rhythm of the year is pretty clear.  But I am constantly amazed with my first colony.  I got the bees from Peter in Botley (thanks again Peter) and added a third box … Continue reading

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Warré Box 3

Well – it’s certainly an active colony I had 2 boxes on my Warre hive.  The bees seemed happy enough in the top box – until last weekend.  Now an explosion of bees and the bottom box is full ! … Continue reading

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To smoke or not to smoke !

I opened up my hive for just the second time this morning. I had my first swam – a cast – around 6 weeks ago. All looked fine through the windows – lots of comb being built & no slowdown … Continue reading

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