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Summer starvation warning

The National Bee Unit has just issued a starvation alert for parts of the UK. Here in Oxfordshire, we’ve had a great start to the year, the bees have boomed, hives were heavy with stores early in the year and … Continue reading

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Winter forage

After some frosty days, a warm sunny one yesterday and the bees were out harvesting any blossom. Snowdrops provide a source of pollen, needed for early brood raising. Today it’s chilly again and they’re all indoors. In winter, you take … Continue reading

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Bees nest in a tree (not quite)

The picture shows an apple tree in the garden next door. Faith spotted the comb after the leaves came down in Autumn 2016. In between seeing it and taking this photo something has been munching the edges somewhat; it was … Continue reading

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ONBG visit to Rosybee Nurseries, 25th June 2016

On a typical English summers day (a bit wet) 24 of us converged on Rosybee Nurseries in south Oxfordshire to learn about their research on bee-friendly plants from proprietor – and beekeeper – Rosi Rollings. Her work covers aspects not … Continue reading

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Planting for Bees

Written by Caroline, posted on her behalf Summary of a talk given by Rosi Rollings, proprietor of Rosybee Nursery. Oxfordshire Beekeeping Association invited the local Natural Beeks to attend this talk, which took place in The Coachhouse, Quarry Road, Headington, … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting, March 2015

Eight of us gathered at Helen J’s for an evening chat in Cowley, Oxford. We looked at different types of top bar, discussed preparations for the imminent Swarm Season and swapped lore…

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Planting for bees in Oxfordshire

Here are a couple of websites with advice on garden plants, specific to our area: Oxfordshire, with its clay soils, wet climate and mild winters. Judy Webb is a local botanist, currently advising Oxford City Council on what to plant … Continue reading

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