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Calm bees

People sometimes ask, how can I keep my bees calm? Particularly when I open a hive? This post covers this aspect of beekeeping. The common theme is that the bees do not feel threatened.

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ONBG meeting & apiary visit, 30th July 2016

On a lovely calm day at the end of July, 20 of us gathered at Gareth’s place in West Oxfordshire to share a meal and see a large happy apiary. Gareth has not treated his hives for ~5+ years now … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting & apiary visit, 15th May 2016

14 of us met on a lovely late spring day at Carolyn’s home apiary in Fringford. We started as usual by sitting in a ring and introducing ourselves, our experience and where we live – this latter helps people link … Continue reading

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Spring clean

I had a detailed peak into the hive this morning. 2 things of note  It was really really light to lift there was a layer of “sludge” on the floor of the hive – which I cleared there were lots … Continue reading

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Making a shook swarm

Although natural beeks employ a low intervention approach, there can come times when some direct intervention may be appropriate. I do not use miticides, rather allowing the colonies to utilise natural selection to find those that have the right behaviours … Continue reading

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Post-winter inspection

With the pleasant weather on Saturday 2 April, I decided to open my two top bar hives (named Wolvercote and Phacelia, after their swarm collection locations) and see how things had progressed over the winter. While both hives were calm, … Continue reading

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Springtime inspection – a few questions

Well – at last my bees seem busy and active having survived the miserable wet winter. I have a couple of beginners questions  Should I remove the mouse guard now – will it inhibit swarming for example ? the bees … Continue reading

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