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Post-winter inspection

With the pleasant weather on Saturday 2 April, I decided to open my two top bar hives (named Wolvercote and Phacelia, after their swarm collection locations) and see how things had progressed over the winter. While both hives were calm, … Continue reading

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Quiz time

I heard a lot of humming from a beech tree outside our house. It did not seem to be a swarm, or a bumblebee nest, and there is no blossom to feed on. Then I realised there were a lot … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting, April 2015

Nine of us gathered in Steeple Aston to share lunch, exchange beekeeping experiences, and inspect a Warré hive in a back garden apiary on what turned out to be a very sunny afternoon in mid-April. We were joined by seasonal … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting – 17th August 2013

Janet, Dawn, Deb, Helen, Linda, Sarah, Jess & Anna arrived at Paul’s for a couple of hours of animated bee gossip. This was the first time Dawn, & perhaps Deb, had seen a non standard (Top Bar) hive. Linda told … Continue reading

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Honey harvesting trap-out box

The most recent meeting was at Shadiya’s charming permaculture venue on Sunday. A report on this will appear soon. Meanwhile, I was asked to clarify my reference to a “trap-out box” we’d made to harvest honey from top bar combs… … Continue reading

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So you believe the Science? Don’t believe everything you hear and read.

I received a newsletter courtesy of a friend in the US relating to a chemical called Atrazine. Now don’t worry too much about that unless you holiday in the US. This chemical is a weedkiller and it is banned in … Continue reading

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Glyphosate resistant bees and the Invasion of Russian bees.

Its all happening over the pond right now. Seems that some beekeeper who had been experimenting with glyphosate resistance in bees had his colonies seized by the state of Illinois agriculture department under (allegedly) instruction from Monsanto. Watch the video … Continue reading

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