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The Bee Meeting: North Tawton and South Leigh

In 1962 Sylvia Plath wrote The Bee Meeting, a poem in which she describes her experience of attending a meeting of beekeepers in North Tawton, a village in Devon. Last weekend, fifty-five years later, the Oxfordshire Natural Beekeeping Group gathered … Continue reading

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“How many bees?”

“How many bees do you have?” “Just one hive.” “But how many bees?” It’s a question that I’m often asked, and one that I could never satisfactorily answer. I’ll usually explain that I don’t know exactly: “the population varies through the year – higher … Continue reading

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Now with added Twitter

Stepping sprightly into the 21stC we have just joined Twitter – Follow @OxNatBees

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winter prep

I know that to experienced bee keepers the rhythm of the year is pretty clear.  But I am constantly amazed with my first colony.  I got the bees from Peter in Botley (thanks again Peter) and added a third box … Continue reading

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Quiz time

I heard a lot of humming from a beech tree outside our house. It did not seem to be a swarm, or a bumblebee nest, and there is no blossom to feed on. Then I realised there were a lot … Continue reading

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Urban bees, and a new DEFRA initiative

Next Tuesday (22nd July), Oxford radio station Destiny 105fm is doing an interview with local environmental scientist Katherine Harborne about urban beekeeping, and what non beekeepers can do to help pollinators. I believe this will be up to 15 minutes’ … Continue reading

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Cleaning the hive entrance

Can anyone explain what is going on here? I’ve never seen this behaviour before. A bunch of workers appear to be licking this Warré hive entrance area clean. It’s rather extraordinary. I’ve put a 30 second video clip on YouTube here. … Continue reading

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