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Please use this form to join ONBG,  or to contact us with any questions.

Questions? Please check these pages first as they may provide the information you are looking for: About ONBG | Starting Beekeeping | Reporting Swarms

  • Joining? If you live in Oxfordshire and are interested in low-intervention beekeeping and would like to become a Member, it would be helpful if you could include an indication of –
    • if you are a novice or experienced beekeeper (number of years keeping bees)
    • any training in beekeeping
    • your experience and use of low-intervention and chemical-free techniques
    • hive-types and current number of colonies
    • general location/postcode.

To clarify a point we are commonly asked: there are no membership fees, this is an informal support network. We share information and experiences through this website, a mailing list, and occasional meetings and apiary visits.

  • Reporting a swarm? If you would like to report a swarm of honeybees in Oxfordshire, please see our swarms page