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Bee Sperm Bank….What will they think of next?

It appears that because of the decline on bee populations in the US the Washington State University is planning to build a Bee Sperm Bank in an effort to circumvent Colony Collapse Disorder. One big problem has been admitted lack … Continue reading

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We are what we eat and that applies to Bees too.

As our Harry has said on numerous occasions ‘We are what we eat.’ It applies across the board with all lifeforms. In the US Honeybees have been suffering horribly from CCD and a load of other conditions, not least stress … Continue reading

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If ever there was a need for the Law of Ecocide this is it.

All I will say is after reading the Financial Times comment by the same science minister and then this claptrap I am of the opinion that none of them can be trusted to protect the environment and ultimately us. Read … Continue reading

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Studies show no link between insecticide and bee health

Bee health has become a hot topic regardless as to whether your a natural beekeeper or one of the BBKA variety of beekeepers armed with all manner of potions and plans. However when the very same organisations that we all … Continue reading

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Interesting tidbits

I have finally managed to digest the 53 page document at the core of DEFRA’s public consultation on improving honey bee health. It’s a mass of cross-references, repeated / scattered data and stop-start-in-another-place themes – almost as if they didn’t … Continue reading

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Zombie flies and why we are lucky to live in the UK

A friend in Washington State, USA sent me a link to an article relating to zombie flies. Actually the flies are decapitating flies because that is apparently what they do to honeybees. However we are seeing an unprecedented rise in invasive … Continue reading

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The Friends of the Earth Bee Cause meeting in Banbury

Hello All, Just heard about this event this lunchtime so its a bit of a last minute alert. Tomorrow evening there is a free talk on bees being given by George Fenmore as part of the FOE’s Bee Cause campaign. … Continue reading

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