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ONBG meeting, 9th Sept 2017 – colony personalities, and ferals

Eleven bee enthusiasts met in north Oxfordshire to discuss preparation for winter, look at feral colonies around a village, and discuss how colony personalities differ. This last is because we get a lot of questions from people concerned that their … Continue reading

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Summer starvation warning

The National Bee Unit has just issued a starvation alert for parts of the UK. Here in Oxfordshire, we’ve had a great start to the year, the bees have boomed, hives were heavy with stores early in the year and … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting and apiary visit, 10th Sept 2016

Over the course of an occasionally rainy afternoon 18 people dropped by Paul’s house and apiary in the village of Steeple Aston to discuss Autumn tasks, winter stores assessment, feeding, harvesting, and observe various Warré and Top Bar hives and … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting, 19th Sept 2015

7 Warré beekeepers met on a sunny Autumn afternoon in the village of Fringford, north Oxfordshire to examine local colonies, discuss feeding, forage, winter preparation and colony behaviour. We began with a demonstration by David of his elegant hive lifting … Continue reading

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Winter wasps, and fondant feeding

Here in Oxfordshire we’ve had an extraordinarily mild winter so far. It’s December 27th and the bees are still flying a bit, on sunny days, because the temperature is up to 10C outside. There are also a few wasps raiding … Continue reading

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Meeting on 10 November 2012

Today ten beekeepers gathered here in Headington for coffee and tea and biscuits. We introduced ourselves and our beekeeping experience, as Peter at least was new to the group, and then we had a very instructive talk by Gareth on … Continue reading

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Drones out! and No more syrup!

I have been obediently following advice and feeding my bees as they really needed a lot of stores – everything was very lightweight in August when I last checked them. Every day a 750ml jar of thick syrup was emptied … Continue reading

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