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ONBG meeting & apiary visit, 30th July 2016

On a lovely calm day at the end of July, 20 of us gathered at Gareth’s place in West Oxfordshire to share a meal and see a large happy apiary. Gareth has not treated his hives for ~5+ years now … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting & apiary visit, 15th May 2016

14 of us met on a lovely late spring day at Carolyn’s home apiary in Fringford. We started as usual by sitting in a ring and introducing ourselves, our experience and where we live – this latter helps people link … Continue reading

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Hive records – why and how to keep them

Natural beeks often do not conform to many of the practices of more conventional beeks, one example being that intrusive hive inspections are much less frequent. Observations made at the hive entrance and through windows normally provide sufficient information to … Continue reading

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To smoke or not to smoke !

I opened up my hive for just the second time this morning. I had my first swam – a cast – around 6 weeks ago. All looked fine through the windows – lots of comb being built & no slowdown … Continue reading

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Bees and Biosecurity: Simple measures to control infections and keeping the bees happy.

Trees and Bees, the obvious top bar link. I have been promising to write something up for the blog for a few weeks now. What with the recent furore over Ash Die Back and other tree diseases its been one … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news, robber screens and bee stings

Hello All, Well its been an interesting time indeed. First of all my hive was robbed of honey in less than two days by bees from a group of 5 hives placed on the farm near me. I am told … Continue reading

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Meeting 19th May

The chilly easterly subsided and hives were opened! Having prepared both icing sugar and smoker it was wonderful to find that the bees were well tempered and all that was needed was gentle handling.  I moved a colony from a … Continue reading

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