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Hive insulation using cork

There has been considerable interest over the years in the use of hive insulation to provide an environment for the bees that is closer to their natural habitat of the interior of a hollow tree trunk. Reported benefits include reduced … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting, 16th Nov 2017 – insulation, honey and mites

On a winter’s evening a dozen folk gathered at the Victoria Arms in Oxford to discuss, you guessed it, bees and beekeeping. Jack had brought along the heat-vision FLIR camera he used to photograph his hives’ heat profile in a … Continue reading

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Observations with an Infrared Camera

The seasons are turning: we have days of fireworks and poppies, of squirrels skittish on ripe conkers, and clock-hours turning back. I worry about the bees. As I walk, misty-breathed beside the Thames, I think of them huddled together in … Continue reading

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April 2013 meeting

Eleven members converged on Steeple Aston, joined by a couple of conventional beeks who live nearby and wanted to know more about natural beekeeping. This led to a lively meeting with many parallel conversations. Neonicotinoids: We did have one semi-organised … Continue reading

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Hive insulation in winter

I thought these pictures showed the insulation of an occupied TBH quite well. Taken this morning. Googling around, most pictures of hives in snow are similar, showing no melt above the cluster, which is about two-thirds of the way towards … Continue reading

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Insulating hives

Having been told several times by You Lot that our hives’ walls are too thin, we have made some wooden panels to clad the outside of the hives, painted them up and attached them thus-and-so: I did wonder if the … Continue reading

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