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Natural beekeeping at OBKA

OBKA, the Oxfordshire BeeKeepers’ Association, periodically hold Question and Answer meetings, and on the 17th August this was at my local pub; they’d asked me to represent the natural beekeeping viewpoint on the panel. So following the ONBG meeting on … Continue reading

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Bees and Biosecurity: Simple measures to control infections and keeping the bees happy.

Trees and Bees, the obvious top bar link. I have been promising to write something up for the blog for a few weeks now. What with the recent furore over Ash Die Back and other tree diseases its been one … Continue reading

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OBKA visit to Top Bar apiary

I mentioned in a previous post that our local branch of the BBKA, the Oxfordshire Bee Keeping Association, were planning to visit our apiary (that’s two hives in a modest garden). Lo, it has come to pass, and here is … Continue reading

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OBKA interest in natural beekeeping

I’ve received an email from our local beekeeping association, OBKA, saying: “As many of the newer beekeepers are particularly interested in top bar hives I wondered if either you or Janet would host the May visit… I am particularly keen … Continue reading

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